1. What kind of battery chemistry is used? What is the battery life cycle?

X-1000 uses 1C charge/3C discharge Electric Vehicle Li-ion NCM polymer battery cell, it has 2000 cycles @1C charge/discharge to 80% of initial capacity.

2. Can I charge and discharge this simultaneously?

Yes, it supports pass-through charging for both AC and DC loads

3. Could I recharge X-1000 by solar charging and AC charging at the same time?

Yes , you could use solar charging and AC charging to charge X-1000 simultaneously. The total input is about 560W Max

4. How long does it take to charge X-1000 by the solar panel?

It depends on many conditions, like weather, solar panel power, angle, etc. Under good conditions, it takes about 7-8 hours if you use 2x 120W solar panel, and 3.5-4 hours if you use 4x 120W solar panel.

5. How could I set the AC &DC auto off function?

Turn off the main switch, connect the unit to wall socket with included AC charging cable. Long press AC ON/OFF button for 10 seconds, then you could see the setting interface on the screen. Long press 1 second to choose the item you want to set short, press 0.1 second to set the numerical value.